LA LIMA. Free Zone and Business Park


Clients of La Lima Free Zone and Business Park will benefit from advanced Infrastructure and technology, such as:


  • Renewable Energy – The Park offers redundancy in electricity since it has two separate and independent circuits that are interconnected through a fabric optic cable to an automatic transfer switch. The electricity is priced about 22% lower than other companies nationwide. Offering reliable service and quality.
  • Redundancy in Water – Provides potable redundant water through the Municipality and water Wells located at the park assuring sufficient pressure and volume.
  • High-Quality Telecommunications – Redundancy in Wi-Fi, internet, phone service, through local providers such as JASEC, ICE, American Data Networks and Tigo
  • Water treatment plant
  • Water retention lagoons


  • Garbage Collection
  • Electronic access system
  • Internal road maintenance and patrolling
  • Perimeter Security
  • Doctor´s office for employees
  • Common areas: parks, trails, gardens and recreational areas.
  • Other additional services such as gymnasium

CADEXCO Costa Rica


Cámara Costarricense de la Construcción


Asociación de empresas de zonas francas de Costa Rica