LA LIMA. Free Zone and Business Park



In November 2014, our anchor tenant Zollner Elektronik AG, a German Company established manufacturing operations at La Lima Free Zone and Business Park. Zollner is one of the world leaders in Electronic Manufacturing & Engineering Services (EMS). Zollner is ranked #1 EMS in Europe and #15 in the World). Zollner’s High-Tech plant in Cartago was developed by Garnier & Garnier and was designed to serve customers located in US, Canada and Mexico as well as provide support to their facilities in Europe and Asia. The company invested approximately $10 million in the initial phase and is employing around 200 employees. About 99% of the employees reside in Cartago. Therefore, consolidating this location as an area offering companies abundant highly skilled labor force. This first building is about 5,000 m2 in size and the company manufactures electronic components for the automotive industry and has option to expand their footprint.


The company is in the process of establishing operations at our Multitenant Building. Matthews Brands Solutions which is the division at La Lima, designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of marking, coding and industrial automation technologies and solutions. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors worldwide rely on our integrated systems to identify, track, control and pick products at the highest levels of accuracy and throughput at every level of their global and domestic supply chains. Matthews also offers custom control packages engineered to meet the specific needs original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in virtually every industry. The facility at La Lima will be exporting products to the US.

Start of production at new Zollner plant in Costa Rica

CARTAGO. Headquartered in Zandt, Germany, and founded by Manfred Zollner in 1965, Zollner Elektronik AG has successfully grown to become one of the largest EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers) in the world today. By continuously investing in its own organic growth, the Zollner Group has evolved into a mechatronics service provider without having our own products. Complex mechatronic systems: As a partner to global leaders and small and medium-sized enterprises, Zollner offers an impressive range of services: from R&D, through production, and all the way to after-sales service, its cross-sector system solutions support customer needs along the entire product life cycle.

The latest addition to Zollner’s 17 locations worldwide is its modern manufacturing and technical support services plant in Cartago, Costa Rica. In the next three years, the company will invest a minimum of 10 million USD and provide 200 new jobs. Zollner’s high-tech facility in the La Lima Free Zone & Business Park has been established to serve customers throughout the Americas and Canada, as well as support existing production facilities, particularly in the US.

Zollner’s global presence includes 8,700 employees at 17 sites in Germany, Hungary, Romania, China, Tunisia, the USA, Switzerland and now Costa Rica.

3D simulation of Zollner’s new plant in Cartago

From left: Daniel Morales, Ana-Betty Arrieta, Osvaldo Badilla and Victor Sanchez presenting the first product from Zollner’s new plant in Costa Rica